Issue Description

The app prompts a warning stating that flight altitude and distance will be limited when the aircraft flies to a certain altitude or distance.


Possible Cause of Issue

1. The app version is outdated.

2. The aircraft is flying in a restricted area.

3. The aircraft is in the Beginner or Tutorial mode.

4. The GPS signal is weak.

5. The flight altitude or distance has been set.

6. The aircraft enters the Payload mode.

7. DJI account information fails to be written in the app.

8. There is environmental interference during flight.



1. Please make sure that the app version is the latest.

2. If the aircraft is in a restricted area or altitude zone, please fly in a non-restricted area.

3. The altitude or distance will be limited if Beginner mode or Tutorial mode are enabled. If it is not necessary to learn basic flight operation, exit Beginner mode before flying.

4. Make sure that the GPS signal is strong in the current operating environment:

DJI Fly: The GPS signal bar on the Camera View is white.

DJI GO 4/DJI GO: The number of GPS signal bars on the Camera View is at least three or the number of satellites reaches more than 12.

6. Adjust the flight altitude and distance under Settings in the app (The maximum flight altitude is 500 m).

7. After Mavic Mini, DJI Mini SE, DJI Mini 3 or DJI Mini 2/2 SE is mounted with the propeller guard and enter the Payload mode, the flight altitude and distance will be limited for flight safety.

* If the aircraft flies out of the restricted range before detecting an additional payload, the altitude and distance will not be limited until the aircraft flies back within this range.

8. If the above situations are ruled out and the aircraft’s altitude or distance are still limited, it may be caused by the failure to write in DJI account information. In this case, please exit the app, restart the mobile device and launch the app again. At this point, the app will re-write the DJI account information and the issue can be resolved.

9.  If there is strong signal interference during flight and the aircraft is disconnected and connected again, data writing may fail, and the altitude or distance limit prompt may appear. If the prompt appears but the flight is not affected, it is recommended that you fly the drone in another flight environment.

If the issue persists after the above solutions have been tried, please contact DJI Support for help.