GEO Zones are set up to maintain the safety and order of public airspace. According to the management strategies of different countries and regions, DJI’s GEO system has set flight zones with different levels of restrictions around the world. If rescue, firefighting, power inspection, or aerial photography operations are needed and the drone must take off in a restricted zone, it is necessary to submit an unlocking request.


* Checking GEO Zones:


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FAQs about Unlocking Drones


As a DJI pilot, you are solely responsible for ensuring your flights are conducted safely and in accordance with all local laws and regulations. This not only allows you to be creative in an efficient and safe environment, but is also critical to the development of the drone community. When flying drones, please strictly abide by local laws and regulations, choose a safe flight environment, and work to build a safe drone community. Drone-related laws and regulations of various countries will be updated from time to time. You can click here to check each country's airspace management policy for further information.


Submitting an unlocking request consists of three steps:

1. Prepare the documents and information needed for unlocking.

2. Apply for the unlocking license on the official DJI website.

3. Import the unlocking license to the DJI app.


Documents and Information Needed for Unlocking Drones

Before applying for unlocking drones, prepare the following documents and information:

1. Flight controller serial number of the drone: The flight controller serial number can be checked through the app;
2. Coordinates of the central point of the area where you want to fly: You can confirm the coordinates through Google Map or other software;
3. Radius and height of the area where you want to fly: The values in the official documentation or the unlocking application form shall prevail;
4. Unlocking duration: For individual users, institutional users who have not passed identity authentication, and privileged users who have not passed identity authentication, the unlocking duration can be up to one year.
For institutional users who have passed identity authentication and privileged users who have passed identity authentication, the unlocking duration can be up to three years;
5. Official documentation from the local aviation department or the airport showing your authorization to fly in the restricted zone.


Applying to Unlock Drones



Enter Background Information

1. If you are logging in for the first time, you need to enter your background information according to the prompts. Visit, and click Authentication Application after login.


2. Select your identity and country.


3. Enter the requested information to complete the application.



Adding an Unlocking Request

1. After entering the required information, you can apply to unlock the drone. (

2. For government users who have passed identity authentication, additional two methods of unlocking will be available. Please select it as required.

3. Take custom unlocking as an example. You need to select the device and DJI account that you want to unlock. You can select multiple drones of the same type and multiple pilots. Please ensure that the information is correct. Otherwise, unlocking may fail.

4. Three ways can be used to add unlocking areas: directly draw a circle or a polygon for the area on the map, import the area information by giving the zone a name and adding specific longitude and latitude, and download a spreadsheet template for batch upload.

5. The area information can be modified. Pay attention to the selection of latitude and longitude: the east longitude is positive, the west longitude is negative, the north latitude is positive, and the south latitude is negative.

Please only fill in numbers and pay attention to the conversion of coordinates. Incorrect information may lead to unlocking failure.   

6. After the application is completed, you can view the history and application status.