How to Export Photos or Videos to a Mobile Device

Aircraft photos or videos are generally stored in the internal storage and the aircraft MicroSD card. There are two ways to export aircraft photos or videos to a mobile device:

QuickTransfer: Connect the mobile phone to the aircraft directly to quickly download the original footage of photos or videos without consuming any data.

Only DJI Mini 4 Pro(with DJI RC-N2), DJI Air 3(with DJI RC-N2), DJI Mavic 3 Pro, DJI Mavic 3, DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 3, and DJI Mini 2 support the QuickTransfer function.


Common Download: Connect the aircraft and remote controller to the mobile device, and download the photos or videos through the App.

This applies to all DJI Mavic Series, DJI Air Series, and DJI Mini Series aircraft.


Method 1: Quick Transfer

1. Power on the aircraft and enable the mobile device's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions (and note that for Android devices, it is required to first enable all app access permissions on the mobile phone). Launch the DJI Fly app prompts “Enter QuickTransfer Mode.”(Quickly press the Power button three times to make DJI Mini 3 enter the QuickTransfer mode.)

2. Select the correct WLAN to connect to your aircraft, which will be automatically connected without entering the password after enabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. (When using QuickTransfer for the first time, press and hold the Power button on the aircraft for two seconds to switch to QuickTransfer mode.

3. Once the aircraft has been connected, you can access the aircraft album and download photos or videos at a high and stable speed.

4. Once the aircraft, remote controller, and mobile device have been connected, if you need to use QuickTransfer, tap the “Lightning” icon in the top right corner of the app album to switch to QuickTransfer mode. 


Method 2: Common Download

The steps below use DJI Mini 3 Pro as an example.

1. Connect your aircraft and remote controller to the mobile device.

2. Open the DJI Fly app album and select the desired photos or videos. 

3. Tap the download icon to download footage.


How to Export Materials to a Computer

Method 1: Connect the aircraft to a computer using a USB cable.

1. Power on the aircraft and connect the USB cable to the USB-C port on the side of the aircraft.

2. Open a disk on the computer, create a file folder, and move the photos or videos to the file folder.


Method 2: Use a card reader to export photos or videos from the microSD card.

Remove the microSD card from the aircraft, and insert it into a card reader. Then, connect the card reader to a computer to export photos or videos. (Note: When used to export photos or videos, the microSD Card acts as a USB. It is faster to export pictures or videos by inserting the microSD card into the card reader than connecting a USB cable directly to the aircraft.)


If you want to export the Photos or Videos from the built-in screen Remote Controller, please refer to Exporting the Photos or Videos from the DJI RC Series Remote Controller.