Issue Description

The app cannot be installed on a mobile device that displays a warning such as “Insufficient memory, unable to install,” “Installation failed,” etc.


Possible Cause of Issue

1. The mobile device is not connected to the Internet.

2. The mobile device has insufficient memory.

3. The mobile device is not on the compatibility list.



1. Please try to restart the mobile device. Then re-download and install the app after ensuring the mobile device is connected to the Internet.

2. Make sure the available memory is more significant than 2 GB when installing the app.

3. Check whether the mobile device is on the compatibility list. Click here to select and verify that the mobile device is compatible with the corresponding app. If the mobile device is not on the compatibility list, it is recommended that a device on the compatibility list is used to ensure app stability.


We notice that there are some imitated DJI Apps (e.g. DJI Fly, DJI Go 4 for Drone models, DJI Earning app) on Google Play made by illegal individuals for fraud. Which may cause risk to the property security of our users.


In order to protect the rights and interests of our users, we have complained about this problem to the Play Store. As the brand owner, we will actively protect the rights and interests of our users. As a victim of such a case, we will also actively protect DJI's intellectual property rights.

At the same time, we recommend that you download the App from DJI's official channels to ensure that you can get a safe and reliable version. And here is the link to our official download center:

If you find such similar imitated apps, please do not click to download, and contact us for assistance in time, we will try our best to protect your rights, thank you for your understanding and support.


If the app still cannot be installed, please contact DJI Support for help.