Exporting photos or videos to a computer

Method 1: Use a card reader to export photos or videos from the microSD card.

Remove the microSD card from the remote controller, and insert it into a card reader. Then, connect the card reader to a computer to export photos or videos. (Note: When used to export photos or videos, the microSD Card acts as a USB. It is faster to export photos or videos by inserting the microSD card into the card reader, compared with connecting a USB cable directly to the remote controller.)

MicroSD Card Storage Path:「SD_Card/DCIM/DJI Album」 


Method 2: Connect the remote controller and computer with the USB cable.

1.  Power on the remote controller, connect the USB cable to the USB-C port on the remote controller and computer, and open the SD card disk.

MicroSD Card Storage Path:「SD_Card/DCIM/DJI Album」

2.  If photos or videos are stored in the internal storage of DJI RC Pro, the storage path is "Internal Storage/DCIM/DJI Album”. DJI RC Pro supports transferring the video cache and original footage to the microSD card: Launch DJI Fly app in the remote controller, and go to “Profile”, “Settings”, and “Storage”. Then select “SD Card” and tap “Switch" according to the prompt. After confirming the switch, data migration progress will appear. Wait until migration completes, and follow the method 1 to export footage from the microSD card.


What should I do if the remote controller cannot be identified by Mac?

The remote controller comes with the Android operating system, while Mac computer cannot recognize an Android device. In this case, please download and install Android File Transfer in your Mac.

Please visit this link to download Android File Transfer: https://www.android.com/filetransfer/.


Exporting photos or videos to a mobile device

DJI RC does not support Bluetooth transfer and downloading a third-party app. If you need to download the photos or videos to a mobile device, please check: Introduction to FlyShare.


Bluetooth Transfer

1.  Link DJI RC Pro with your drone, enter the Playback interface, select the required footage, and then download files to the remote controller’s local album.

2.  Swipe down on the screen, enable Bluetooth, and tap and hold the icon to enter the Bluetooth settings interface.

3.  Turn on Bluetooth on the device that needs to receive files.

4.  Tap to connect the device and pair it.

5.  Enter the Gallery, select the video or photo that needs to be transferred, tap "Share" and select the device’s Bluetooth for transfer.

Note: It is applicable to Android devices.


To learn more about how to export photos or videos from the aircraft, please refer to this article: Aircraft Photo or Video Files Export Guide