How to check the status of the purchased DJI Care Refresh?

You can conveniently access various product information, such as activation time, DJI Care Refresh validity period, remaining replacement times (including remaining Flyaway Coverage), warranty period, repair service history records, and Flyaway records on the DJI official website.

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How to choose a suitable after-sales service?

If your DJI devices are damaged or flyaway incident occurs during the normal use or due to accidents within the covered period, you may obtain a well-functioning product from DJI after going through the replacement service procedure.

DJI Care Refresh

1-Year Plan

2-Year Plan

Number of Replacements

Camera Drones: 2 (including 1 for Flyaway Coverage*)

Handheld Photography Devices: 2

Camera Drones: 4 (including 2 for Flyaway Coverage*)

Handheld Photography Devices: 4

Official Warranty

1 year

2 years



Replacement Fee

Click here to check the replacement fee.

Covered Components

Click here to check the covered components.

*Flyaway Coverage is only available for select DJI products. Please click to see the details.


Choose Service Plan:

1. Scenarios suitable for DJI Care Express

DJI Care Express is applicable for scenarios including collision, water damage, and natural wear. If you would like to apply the repairflyaway report, return or replacement services, please do not use DJI Care Express. Please go to Support to choose other services. services.

If you choose the Premium Plan, in addition to the service fees, DJI will place a pre-authorization amount equivalent to or lower than the product value. The specific amount will be shown on the settlement page.

By using the Premium Plan, be sure to send the original product to DJI as soon as possible. If DJI fails to receive your product within the agreed return period (which is generally 7-14 calendar days) or the received product does not meet the DJI Care Express conditions(For example: 1. The original product's serial number is not consistent with that in the registration information; 2. You do not send back the battery while you got a replacement battery; 3. If you send back a non-DJI product), DJI will charge a default cost equivalent to the pre-authorization amount.


* Temporary authorization service is not available in certain regions. Please visit the official website for actual display information.


2. Scenarios suitable for Online Repair Service

If your device is damaged and requires repair, you can opt for our convenient Online Repair Service. Once you send it back for inspection, you will receive the inspection results and have the option to choose between DJI Care Refresh replacement service or the repair service.


3. Scenarios suitable for Flyaway Replacement Service

If your device has unfortunately flown away and it has been confirmed that it cannot be retrieved, and if the device is already bound to the remote controller*, you can request our Flyaway Service. Upon payment of the flyaway replacement fee, you will be entitled to a replacement for your device.

*After purchasing DJI Care Refresh for your drone, you need to bind the drone with the remote controller in order to enjoy the flyaway replacement service. For detailed instructions, please refer to DJI Fly App Account and Device Binding/Unbinding Guide.


4. Scenarios suitable for Maintenance Service

Some models are eligible for a complimentary maintenance benefit during the first year*. If you would like to avail this free maintenance service, simply complete the DJI Care Factory Maintenance Service Application to receive a maintenance code. Once you have obtained the maintenance code, you can proceed to initiate the Maintenance Service. If any issues are detected during the maintenance process, you will have the option to repair your device.

* Supported models: DJI Mavic 3 and DJI Mavic 3 Cine


How to extend DJI Care Refresh?

If you have purchased DJI Care Refresh for your device and meet the following conditions, you have the option to renew your DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) and extend the accidental coverage for up to 3 years. Take advantage and extend your device's protection now.

Renew DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) only if meeting all the criteria:
      · DJI Care Refresh is purchased and one of the following criteria is met:  
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has already been purchased.  
          -DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) has already been purchased.  
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) and DJI Care Refresh + have been purchased.    
          -DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) has been purchased and the 1-Year Plan is renewed.  
      · DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan) purchased has not yet expired or expired within 15 days.  

*DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) is not available upon renewal. The service plan can only be renewed by purchasing DJI Care Refresh (1-Year Plan).  



1. Is there a fee for using DJI Care Refresh?

When you purchase DJI Care Refresh and your product is covered under the replacement service, you have the option to replace the damaged product for a nominal fee if it sustains damage during the normal use or accidental incidents. Click to know about replacement fee.

I have purchased a DJI Care Refresh service plan. Why should I pay extra money for the replacement unit?
We understand your concerns regarding the replacement service fee. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to provide the best services to customers who have purchased DJI Care Refresh. Within the validility period of DJI Care Refresh, you can enjoy Exclusive Service and Official Warranty service without any additional fees. If an incident occurs, you can ship your device back for free. Opting for the DJI Care replacement service instead of repair services allows you to obtain a replacement unit at a low cost or pay a nominal fee for our faster and more convenient DJI Care Express service.


2. What components are covered by the DJI Care Refresh replacement service?

To apply for the replacement service, you need to return the corresponding components covered by DJI Care Refresh. Click here to learn about DJI Care Refresh Replacement Service Covered Components and Fees.

-If some covered components are not sent back, please either return the missing components or compensate for them by covering the price difference. Once this is done, we will promptly provide you with the replacement service. 


3. What should I do if I want to use DJI Care Express for battery replacement?

If you need to replace your device along with the battery, you can go to the “DJI Care Express Application Page > Inputting Serial Number > Choose whether to replace this battery?" and select the "Yes" option. Please send the battery together with your device, and we will replace your device with the corresponding version of the battery.

*The DJI Care Refresh replacement service does not support separate battery replacement. Therefore, the battery needs to be replaced together with the device.


4. Can my device be replaced with other product models?

The DJI Care Refresh replacement service only allows for the replacement of devices within the same model. Unfortunately, cross-model replacement is not currently supported.


5. Can DJI Care Refresh be used if my device is stolen?

DJI Care Refresh does not provide coverage for this specific scene. We strongly recommend immediately reporting the incident to the local authorities for further assistance.


6. Is it possible to advance, pause, or extend the coverage period of DJI Care Refresh if I won't be using my device for a specific duration?

DJI Care Refresh does not support the option to advance, pause, or extend the service coverage period. In the event of a device malfunction, please promptly request the appropriate service. It's important to note that once your DJI Care Refresh expires, the benefits of the service will no longer be available.