Exporting App log files from an Android device


1. Connect an Android device to a computer using a USB cable. The “USB” connection mode will appear on the mobile phone. Select “Transfer files”.

2. Double click “My Computer”, and then click the mobile phone icon and go to internal storage.

3. Find the file path for logs of the corresponding app as required.


File Path





DJI Mimo

SD Card/Android/data/dji.mimo/files/LOG(Pack the entire folder)
Internal storage/Android/data/dji.mimo/files/LOG


DJI Mimo LOG:/Documents/Logs and /Documents/sdk;(Pack the entire folder)

Crash LOG:iTools---Toolbox---Crash Log—DJIMimo.xxxxxxx.ips


DJI Fly App V1.4.12 and later versions:

APP log: internal storage/android/data/dji.go.v5/files/LOG

DJI Fly App version prior to V1.4.12:


4. Please select the corresponding log file folder to export. After selection, please copy the entire file folder (Take DJI Fly App as an example here.)

5. Find the path: internal storage/android/data/dji.go.v5/files/LOG

6. please copy the entire file folder.

7. Paste the copied file folder to the desktop and zip it.

8. Send the zipped file back to DJI Support.


Exporting App log files from an iOS device


1. Download “iTunes” on your computer. Launch the software.

2. Connect the iOS device to the computer and tap “Trust” on the iPhone to authorize the computer to access your mobile phone.

3. In “iTunes”, tap the mobile device icon in the top-left corner, and skip to the iPhone page.

4. Select “File Sharing” in the left panel and go to the app file sharing page.

5. Select the corresponding app as required. Select the “Logs” file folder and tap “Save” at the bottom of the right window. (Take the DJI Fly App as an example here.)

7. Save the selected file folder to the desktop.


There is a major difference between MacOS Catalina (MacOS 10.15), macOS Big Sur (MacOS 11), and MacOS 12 computer systems and the MacOS version when the Apple device is connected to export files in the app. If your computer is MacOS Catalina, macOS Big Sur, and MacOS 12 series system, please follow the below steps to export the App Log:

1. Connect an iPhone or iPad to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Open “Finder” and select your device in “Finder”.

3. Tap “File” tag to view the list of apps that can share files. If “File” cannot be found, this indicates that the device has no app that can be used for file sharing.

4. Tap the triangle near the app to check the file to be shared.

5. Select the Log file to copy.

6. Drag the file to the computer desktop. Use the “Finder” to copy the file to the computer desktop.

7. Then, compress the entire file folder and send the entire package to DJI Support. (How to compress files on Mac: Tap and hold the Control key or double tap the button. Then, select “Compress” from the shortcut menu. The compression file name is changed to the initial original item name with the extension name “.zip”.)