For more information about the service, please see DJI Care Express

Applicable Scope

DJI Care Express is applicable for scenarios including collision, water damage, and natural wear.
If you would like to apply the in-warranty repairflyaway reporting, return or replacement services, please do not use DJI Care Express, please contact DJI Support to choose other services.

Service Process


Service Fee

DJI Care Express is a benefit for customers who purchase DJI Care Service. 
You only need to pay the replacement service fee. 
*If you send back damaged components that are out of warranty and not covered by the service plan such as a remote controller, it might occur a repair service fee. It is subject to the result of the device inspection. 

Please check the components covered by the replacement benefit of DJI Care Service and corresponding service fee.

Place Temporary Authorization on Credit Card

If you choose the Premium Plan, in addition to the service fees, DJI will place a pre-authorization amount equivalent to or lower than the product value. The specific amount will be shown on the settlement page.

If you select Premium Plan, be sure to send the original product to DJI as soon as is possible. If DJI fails to receive your product within the agreed return period (which is generally 7-14 calendar days) or the received product does not meet the DJI Care Express conditions (for example), DJI will charge for a default cost equivalent to the pre-authorization amount.

1. The original product's serial number is not consistent with that in the registration information.

2. You do not send back the battery while you got a replacement battery.

3. You send back a non-DJI product. 


Payment Methods

DJI Care Express supports the following payment methods:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

*The same order cannot be paid through different payment methods: you must use the same credit card to pay for the order.

*You may be asked to verify that you are the card owner or that the order information is legitimate. DJI reserves the right to refuse an order if the order or payment information is not verifiable. If so, a refund will be issued via the same method you used to make your payment.

*You may be charged additional transaction fees by your bank or card issuer, and DJI will not bear such fees.



1. What is DJI Care Express service?

DJI Care Express provides effective and efficient option for replacement to let you receive the replacement product faster. DJI Care Express offers Basic and Premium options for effective replacement.

In Premium, DJI will ship your replacement product immediately once you pay the replacement fee and place the temporary authorization on us.


2. What is the advantage of DJI Care Express?

When using the DJI Care Express, the service validity can be shortened by half at most. At the same time, the replacement fee saves an average of 50% in comparison with the repair option *.
*Please note that the above data is suggested by historical data. The actual amount specified on the quote sheet shall prevail.


3.  How is the DJI Care Express Service invoice issued?

After completing the DJI Care Express Service, you can contact DJI to issue an invoice which will generally be issued within 5-10 business days.


4. I have purchased a DJI Care Refresh service plan. Why should I pay extra money for the replacement unit?

We fully understand your concerns on the replacement fee. Once the payment of DJI Care Refresh was complete, you were eligible for rights including low-cost replacement, DJI Care Express, Exclusive Service, and Free Shipping. The reason why you need to pay extra money for the replacement unit is that we consider you must pay great attention to safety issues and avoid accidents during use. Thus, the low-cost replacement option is not likely to be used during the warranty period. With the above considerations, we have broken down DJI Care Refresh service charges into two parts: purchase fee and replacement fee, which can lower the threshold for you to purchase DJI Care Refresh, and reduce your potential payment besides enjoying basic coverages.