DJI supports uploading a verification video for aircraft and handheld products. For your convenience, we have prepared operating instructions for you.

Once your video passes the verification, you will be notified via email and eligible to purchase DJI Care Refresh within 72 hours. (Please pay attention to the email account associated with your DJI account for communications from DJI.)

Tips: You can also choose to request repair service online, and send your device back to DJI's official after-sales team for testing to see your eligibility for DJI Care Refresh. If your device is found to be cosmetically intact and functioning, and has never been bound with any DJI Care service, you will receive DJI's purchase reminder email when the device is sent back to you. You are eligible to purchase DJI Care Refresh within 72 hours upon receipt of the email.


Video Verification Steps


Step 1: Recording a Verification Video

Please record your video in an open area with clear visibility, and retain a copy of your video after submitting it.

Refer to either of the following tutorials based on your product model.

Aircraft Video Verification Steps

Handheld Product Video Verification Steps

We also prepare some aircraft verification video tutorials for you, in which, only camera drones such as DJI Mavic, DJI Air, DJI Mini, Phantom, and Inspire series drones are used. Other product series, as in, DJI FPV and handheld series are quite different from the abovementioned drone series in terms of cosmetic design and use. In case of purchasing DJI Care Refresh for a DJI FPV or handheld device, please refer to the documents above, and shoot your verification video through the specified steps.

Be sure to watch the Video Verification tutorial below in its entirety, pay attention to the steps shown in the video, and record yours accordingly.


Step 2: Uploading a Verification Video

1. If you need to verify your device, please sign into your DJI account. To avoid unnecessary complications, do not use anyone else's DJI account. (Please ensure that your personal information and aircraft serial number are accurate and true. DJI is not responsible for any false or inaccurate information.)

2. Click here to enter DJI's official website (DJI CARE REFRESH VIDEO VERIFICATION). Please read the "Notice" in its entirety first to ensure that you have known the precautions.

3. Tick off "I have watched the tutorial video and agree to the notice", and click "SUMBIT" to enter the "Information" page.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to fill in your name, device type, serial number of your aircraft body, serial number of your gimbal, and video link, and then click "SUBMIT".

Device Type: Unfold the drop-down menu to select a product.

Serial Number of your Aircraft Body/Gimbal: Refer to the instructions on the right to check the serial number of your device.

Video Link: Upload your verification video to platforms such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Dropbox, and then copy and paste the video link.


1. Make sure you have a good network connection when uploading the video to a platform and that the link will be valid. If the video cannot be uploaded, please change the network.

2. If the video link is invalid, you will need to provide a new video of the same device within 72 hours upon receipt of notification from DJI. 


Step 3: Video Verification

DJI's official after-sales team will review your verification video according to verification standards for the relevant product within 2 business days. Please pay attention to the email account associated with your DJI account for communications from DJI.

Please refer to the guidelines in the purchase reminder email, click the purchase link in the email to visit DJI Store, select your country/region in DJI Store, and then purchase DJI Care. Make sure you enter the serial number of your device correctly when purchasing DJI Care services.

We may reject your verification video if any of the following applies:

The product in the video is not eligible for DJI Care Refresh.

The verification video has been edited.

Some steps are missing in the verification video.

In case of a rejection to your verification video, you will be notified of the reasons via email.

Reply to this email directly if you have re-filmed or uploaded a new video. We will review your new video and get back to you as soon as possible.


Checking History Record

Click "History Record" to view details and status of your verification requests.

Special Instructions

1. No costs will be charged for video verification.

2. All information provided to DJI will be kept strictly confidential and private.

3. DJI reserves the right of final interpretation for the video verification service.